November Project - Proof that NP Welcomes Everyone

Josh, co-founder and race director of the Edmonton Pride Run & Walk, recently wrote an article for the November Project blog.  Here's a small excerpt:

What I admire most about November Project is how inclusive it is. It is truly for everyone, young or old, professional athlete or working out for the first time, rich or poor, gay or straight. It is about a community that comes together to get fit, have fun, and make connections. We embrace and cheer each other on, regardless of our differences. I feel such a personal connection to this idea that fitness should be accessible to anyone, regardless of their background, for many reasons.

I grew up in modest circumstances where money was often a barrier to be able to participate in organized sports and access fitness. My parents worked hard to register me in sports and fitness activities but I know it was a huge struggle and sacrifice for them financially.

Also, I’m gay and I’ve always had some discomfort taking part in certain organized sports or even just going to the gym because I felt, possibly unfairly, that I wouldn’t fit in.

November Project has broken down those barriers for me and I suspect for many others in their own way.

I can even wear my short shorts at NP without shame.

Visit the November Project website to read the entire article and learn more about this great organization.